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Mighty Car Mods is an independent automotive series created by a couple of friends, Marty and Moog who started filming videos on Martys mum's driveway in 2007. They've come a long way since then but still have an unwavering focus to show their viewers fantastic automotive projects that they can do themselves at home.
The MCM boys make cars, and they make movies. In fact they do it all, including the music, editing, and automotive with some help from their friends along the way.
Being completely independent, the boys don't have to answer to anyone except their own creative spirit and their focus is on quality over quantity.
It doesn't matter if you have a brand new turbo charged beast, or an old banger found in your grandfathers shed. Mighty Car Mods openly embraces anyone who wants to better themselves and their cars through involvement with the MCM Community.
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Simon Aarekol
Simon Aarekol 7 hours ago
Oof is that a spun bearing?
Ben Hamer
Ben Hamer 7 hours ago
Knock Knock!! Who's there? Piston 4 motherf**ker should have got an evo, did you see that white one in front? lol
alkatraz nomadov
alkatraz nomadov 7 hours ago
Curtis B
Curtis B 7 hours ago
You need to slow down a little in the corners remember SLOW IS FAST FAST IS SLOW you'll get it first time on the track not to bad at least you keep it on the track
O13A12A CL.
O13A12A CL. 7 hours ago
🐻「熊出没注意」wwww  ( *´艸`)  そのTシャツは、どこに売っているの?
MrBowser909 8 hours ago
was that a windshield wiper prop rod
David Sut
David Sut 9 hours ago
Nissans that smell like bong smoke....as a nissan owner and a smoker I feel attacked.
Marcus Peters
Marcus Peters 9 hours ago
"Its got better ruffage Martin" I belly chuckled.
The party Potato pooper
need acusump for that subie
Pärtel Rajasalu
Pärtel Rajasalu 9 hours ago
its a senquentshial shifter just saying
Christopher Brown
Christopher Brown 9 hours ago
#teamkeitruckforlife 🤘🏴‍☠️!! #suzukijimny is bestest. 😅
THawk Productions
THawk Productions 10 hours ago
I drove an 08 subaru, hard as hell daily for 6 months sounding like that. Didnt ever actually "blow" up
David Thornqvist
David Thornqvist 10 hours ago
This is an amazing channel! I stumbeled over is two weeks ago and can't stop watching. Keep it up! Cheers from Sweden
mason jokinen
mason jokinen 10 hours ago
Jacke 10 hours ago
What the hell is that thing rolling off Marty's right shoulder!?!? 12:05
Klayte 10 hours ago
Ahhh memories. The first video my mate showed me was this video. Bagging me out for my laser coz he hated it lol. But fell in love with mcm. TRDLAZER
TuneboyR 10 hours ago
i saw that you guys disassambled the propshaft. Thats not recommended since they are counterweighted. Make sure to assamble it in teh right position mate
SoCoNoHa 10 hours ago
Time for a dry sump!
Denny 11 hours ago
5:00 You need drag radials not street tires, Compound r all around man 225 or bigger ;0
Leanardajuantap 11 hours ago
Marty the subaru slayer
Jhanny Blaze
Jhanny Blaze 11 hours ago
watched this the 25th time still makes me smile
T U 11 hours ago
"Shane goes to TAFE"... excellent
G C 11 hours ago
What, you blew up yer flimsy toys already? Those mods/parts didnt last for nothing. If i paid fof that, i'd be upset.
Augusto Prulhiere
Augusto Prulhiere 12 hours ago
built motor
Epping Accounts
Epping Accounts 12 hours ago
Mine did that once, only once cos I upgraded the oil pump with twin turbo one ( 24mm). That 8K at the corner was the nail on the box. Drop the pressure on the rear on the Lotus and see how you go.
ali khan
ali khan 12 hours ago
the film gurus
the film gurus 12 hours ago
End thet sacks bawals
Will Smith
Will Smith 13 hours ago
Wouldn’t be a Subaru without some rod knock hopefully you ez turbo swap it and ruin its PuRiTy
Bloodreign137 13 hours ago
The focus st has the “sound symposer” that pumps noise from the manifold into the cabin. It’s activated by heavy throttle but there’s no way to change the sound like that which is kind of interesting. I personally kind of like it since my wife doesn’t want me to have an exhaust since she put up with my last loud car for 8 years. At least I get a little fun noise in the cabin
Reece G
Reece G 13 hours ago
Rear engine and rear drive will bite you every time.
Moog I just had a similar track day with an unfamiliar car. The tail was so flighty that I couldn’t commit to corners. Hopefully some new super sticky race tyres will improve it
jkpenn2003 14 hours ago
8 granrd will do it every time hahaha
Fitzgerald Chambwa
Fitzgerald Chambwa 15 hours ago
Love your Channel guys!! its making me want to do more with my old car, question do you have a step by step guide on the ipad installation for a toyota camry 1994? Thanks in advance :)
Ryan Arnold
Ryan Arnold 15 hours ago
Does anyone know where this location is?
Didar Farage
Didar Farage 15 hours ago
Marty your rear window washer is broken, it leaks water while racing 6:18
Jep Jabar
Jep Jabar 16 hours ago
It kinda reminds me of Subaru Sumba..
Didar Farage
Didar Farage 16 hours ago
this intro is a very beautiful thing! It shows how car comunity should be, we are all people who love to spend freetime with cars, we should be friendly help eachother out instead of being harsh or toxic
djUpRoar 16 hours ago
Get the Lotus guys to fully look over your car and get them to reset everything back to the original settings unless it was them that already changed the settings. 😁
pogandboo 16 hours ago
Albe Lawson
Albe Lawson 17 hours ago
Search US-first for "Keith Urban John Butler Aria". It rocks. :)
EVAN 17 hours ago
ni semua geng cardock la ni naik lotus
Pete Zaparti
Pete Zaparti 17 hours ago
Can you leave the handle on if you want and watch it go round 'n round?
Ricky Dub
Ricky Dub 17 hours ago
Nightmare guys, look forward to the next vid to see what your next steps will be. Good luck 🍀
knalB 17 hours ago
That snap oversteer... I pooped my pants when he spun out infront of a bunch of drivers. The mid engine life I guess
White Rabbit
White Rabbit 18 hours ago
Nice pump action 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
ASP3K 420.2
ASP3K 420.2 18 hours ago
Would love to see that astra in bay 84 (15.10min) heavily modded and tracked 🤣🤣
josh hilton
josh hilton 18 hours ago
is the brz a good car, im doing research to get a new car and I've looked at the brz quite a lot
c spot run
c spot run 18 hours ago
How much for the stock wheels and tires? 😁
dolita windo
dolita windo 18 hours ago
Next time on Mighty Truck Mods: Marty’s Mad Landscaping with ”Tucker the Kei Truck”!
Dane Smits
Dane Smits 18 hours ago
FYI kebab lift it 2 inch out of the bag and fold the bottom of the bag it captures the juice and reduces the leakages. follow the process as the consumption of the kebab is complete.
Drewcifer Mods
Drewcifer Mods 18 hours ago
well, i have a feeling both of these cars are about to evolve to amazing levels. so theres a bright side at least
Bloodreign137 18 hours ago
You did the right thing giving him the car, he has so much passion
Kruisin Wagen
Kruisin Wagen 19 hours ago
When does Isaac get his own show?! MDM Mighty Dub Mods!
Adam 19 hours ago
19:17 Four guys touching tips is something you'll only ever see in a Euro garage!
MikMech 19 hours ago
Give me Understeer any day. That oversteer is naughty.......
Well, isn’t this FANCY
Marty’s face after he heard the rod knock made my heart sink. It looked like he was trying so hard to keep tears back
Amrit Mahajan
Amrit Mahajan 19 hours ago
Literally laughed out loud with the rod knock
All Things Fast
All Things Fast 19 hours ago
I was thinking to myself at the start, uh oh, he's driving a Subaru on track, its gonna blow up. and what do ya know....
Jonathan Ariza
Jonathan Ariza 19 hours ago
That’s a nice mid engine Chevy cobalt SS you got there mate!! You should get a 300ZX
Daniel Gardner
Daniel Gardner 19 hours ago
Take a shot everytime Moog blinks while talking to Marty about the rod knock 😂
cerebrix 19 hours ago
and this is why I changed my trackday habit to a simracing habit
bonboncak 19 hours ago
Its a decent first attempt on track, but yeah you need to slowly learn the car due to difference in drive train and its definitely a lot harder to drive than a brz. But once you get the hang of drivie a short wheel based MR car, its a lot fun than any car in the world. and these types of cars are VERY sensitive to suspension setups and throttle inputs, give it time bro, you will get the hang of it
Zulfar 119
Zulfar 119 19 hours ago
Ngl the subaru brz is looking good with stock but not the 86 back then
1ManManyCars 20 hours ago
Marty - ive never had a high powered rear wheel drive car like this Mod Max - Am I A Joke To You
Jason James
Jason James 20 hours ago
Really need to work on Rev Matching and Heel and Toe..
X5 - Camping & Stuff.
Does a LS fit in a Subaru?
X5 - Camping & Stuff.
Andrew Smedley
Andrew Smedley 20 hours ago
And now the engines in.... 0 content on the most interesting part of the build.. disappointing. installing free bolt on crap from sponsors. isn't content im interested in.
Mihai 20 hours ago
The oil wasn't changed for 200k km??? Are you seriously??? That engine eat 1 liter oil per 2000km
Emilthehun 20 hours ago
That lotus looks like a lot of car to handle. Nicely done. The wrx sti needs a good built engine and high boost 😃
Beach&BoardFan 20 hours ago
OMG straight cut gear sound! 🍆
Peter Lisyak
Peter Lisyak 20 hours ago
And Marty breaks another one
Bryce Letcher
Bryce Letcher 20 hours ago
Lookup DESHELE PERFORMANCE and talk to them about rebuilding the Subi engine
Bazza Stevens
Bazza Stevens 20 hours ago
Oh marty love the shirt man haven't lestioned to that band in years that shirt just brang back a lot of wow good and better memories love it rock on
Bloodreign137 21 hour ago
I just had a block in a fuel line in my 2014 focus st that caused the gas station pumps to think my car was full when it was empty from the pressure and kept shutting off the fill. A day later my check engine light came on which led to the discovery of the blocked line. Less work than your car but it was way up in the back of the car and the exhaust had to come our
Jayden Chambers
Jayden Chambers 21 hour ago
In case your wondering 100,000 rupiah is 7 US dollars😂
Mystiicツ 21 hour ago
Highschool car builds are the best, working your ass off for that next part, whatever it may be is so rewarding when its finally accomplished. As much as I would love to slap 30 different things on my car in one day, I prefer it much better having to work for the parts and build from the ground up over the years. Anyways, I love the way you've done up this BRZ, looks sick!